A Silly Story of Bondapalli

03 Jun 2017
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English/Hindi Play (60 mins)

There was once a prince who hated food. One day the royal cook gave him something new to eat... a hot golden ball, crisp outside, soft inside... a bonda! After that there is no stopping either the prince or this mad tale that rolls its jolly way to an inevitably happy, bondaful end.The play will be performed using acrobatics, juggling and music.

Suggested age: 5+

Based on a story by Shamim Padamsee
Adapted & Directed by Timira Gupta
Cast: Ghanshayam Tiwari, Sahil Gangurde, Janit Temkar, Mohit Chhabra, Dhanesh Gopalakrishnan & others

A Gillo Theatre Repertory Production

Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre
Price: Member: ₹ 315
Non-Member: ₹ 350
Saturday 03 Jun
4:00 pm
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