Antaranga – A Quest Bharatanatyam by Lata Rajesh & Disciples Shabhatha Shapangal | Mohiniattam by Go

25 May 2017
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An NCPA Presentation

Antaranga – A Quest

An accomplished Bharatanatyam danseuse, Lata Rajesh, founder and artistic director of Nrtyanjli, along with her disciples will be presenting Antaranga – A Quest, which is a journey to explore the complexities of the mind and the various intense emotions using traditional compositions and rhythmic structures in an experimental format.

Shabhatha Shapangal

Gopika Varma is an eminent Mohiniattam performer and founder of the Dasyam Centre for Mohiniattam in Chennai. Varma will present Shabhatha Shapangal covering the stories of two characters from the Mahabharata – Draupadi and Gandhari. Married to the five Pandava brothers without her consent, Draupadi was pledged in the game of dice and insulted in public after which she took a vow or shabhatha. The princess Gandhari’s marriage was a political deal and she was oblivious that her husband was a blind man. On losing her 100 children at the Kurukshetra, she begged Krishna to spare at least one child to perform her last rites. Krishna mocked her on saying this and at that moment, she cursed (shapangal) him.


Venue: Experimental Theatre
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Thursday 25 May
7:00 pm
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