Band Baja: promoting young collaborations featuri...

16 Jun 2017
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Band Baja: promoting young collaborations
featuring Samarpan
Ojas Adhiya (tabla), Vishal Dhumal (keyboards), Manas Kumar (violin), I. D. Rao (Saxophone) & Gautam Sharma (percussion)

An intense desire to communicate beyond the realm of one’s own musical idiom has led to many interesting collaborations among musicians of diverse traditions. The 21st century has seen a definite rise in such collaborative musical endeavours all over the world.

‘Band Baja’ promotes such innovative endeavours going beyond the set boundaries of musical genres and traditions, especially by and for the youth.

The series takes off with ‘Samarpan’, a musical offering by young instrumentalists who are well-rooted in the Indian tradition and seek to create newer expressions through a collaborative venture.

Rs.315 & 225/- (Members)
Rs.350 & 250/- (Public)
Box office opens on May 26 (for members) & May 29 (for public)


Venue: Experimental Theatre
Friday 16 Jun
8:00 pm
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