Bandish: Shekhar Sen and Birju Maharaj

08 Jul 2017
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Supported by HSBC

Indian music centers around well-structured melodic and rhythmic compositions known as bandish. It represents a central idea or base upon which the edifice of a performance is sculpted and realized. The three-day festival will showcase some of the most treasured works of the great composers, presented by eminent artistes.

Shekhar Sen
Birju Maharaj

Shekhar Sen, an eminent music composer, lyricist and actor, will present works on Krishna by Meerabai, Chadrasakhi and Taj Bibi.

Birju Maharaj the living legend and iconic figurehead of Kalka Bindadin gharana of Lucknow, will present his own compositions, depicting the aspect of bhava (emotions) through abhinaya.


Rs 750, 600, 450, 300 (members)

Rs 1000, 800, 600, 400 (public)

Box office opens 9th June (for members) & 12 June (for public)

Venue: Tata Theatre
Price: Member: Rs 750, 600, 450, 300
Non-Member: Rs 1000, 800, 600, 400
Saturday 08 Jul
6:30 pm
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