Beewion Ka Madarsa

22 Apr 2017
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Hindi Play
Experimental Theatre
Saturday, 22nd – 7.00 pm

Haneef Mohammed did not marry, firmly believing that all women are dishonest and cheat on their husbands, but then he decides to custom-make his bride. The beautiful Husnara is now 16 and wedding plans are underway when they are rudely interrupted and the fruits of Haneef's labour seem to be falling in another lap.

Directed by Atul Mathur
Cast: Preeta Mathur Thakur, Aman Gupta, Shankar Iyer, Ashish Saleem, Riya Khaund & others

An Ank Production

Rs.360 & 270/- (Members)
Rs.400 & 300/- (Public)
Box Office: 26th March for Members & 29th March for Public

Venue: Experimental Theatre
Price: Member: ₹360 & 270/-
Non-Member: ₹400 & 300/-
Saturday 22 Apr
7:00 pm
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