Bus...Tum Aur Hum

07 May 2017
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Ananda Hindi Natya Utsav
Festival of Hindi Plays

An NCPA Presentation

Ananda means happiness or pleasure. The Ananda Hindi Natya Utsav presents a selection of Hindi plays covering a spectrum of genres and generations.

Bus...Tum Aur Hum

What really makes for a successful marriage? Can it be termed successful if it lasts 22 years? Shipra and Yesh seem reasonably happy in this marriage – what is it that keeps them there? They move from a small apartment to a bigger house, have three daughters, grow in their careers and gather all the luxuries and accessories that any upwardly mobile couple would gather with more or less support from each other. It seems an ordinary everyday marriage with the only drama being provided by boring food, a new car, grocery shopping and selling furniture on an online site, but we also witness the weirdness, the large dollops of humour and the regular sparring. .If marriages are made in heaven, what is it that keeps them going on earth?

Script & Direction by Veena Bakshi
Translation by Richa Sharad
Cast: Preeta Mathur Thakur & Aman Gupta

An Ank Production

Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre
Price: Member: ₹180
Non-Member: ₹200
Sunday 07 May
5:00 pm
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