Classics – it’s Classy! A concert for young au...

25 Jun 2017
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Classics – it’s Classy! A concert for young audiences and Families

SOI Chamber Orchestra
Evgeny Bushkov, conductor

When I was little, I sometimes went to "children's" concerts and always suffered greatly!
Suffered because there was something long and tediously told, because it was necessary to sit quietly, but most importantly - because the musicians usually played listlessly and uninteresting ...
And so, when I grew up, I wanted to do for you such concerts, to which you yourself would be interested to come again and again. Because I'm sure - if you like music as a child, then later you will not want to part with it ...
At the concerts of the series "Classics it's classy" you can:
move and even dance, if you want;
Quietly get out of the room, when necessary;
Get on the stage and sit in the orchestra, if correctly and quickly answered the conductor's question;
It is necessary: ?not to be shy and to answer questions boldly; when suggested - to sing aloud and with an expression;
It is advisable: to listen and watch carefully, so as not to miss something interesting!
And so I'm sure - you will not be bored!

-Yours, Evgeny Bushkov

This innovative programme will seamlessly blend entertainment and education, and encourage children to interact by singing along, answering the conductor’s questions and more.

Tickets: Rs.300/-
Box Office: 26th May for Members & 29th May for Public

Venue: Experimental Theatre
Price: Member: Rs.300
Non-Member: Rs.300
Sunday 25 Jun
11:00 am
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