03 Jun 2017
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Dopehri is set in the streets of Lucknow where sits the haveli of an old, lonely woman named Amma Bi. Pankaj Kapur brings to us her story. Dopehri is a novella written by Kapur that is rendered onstage, with the help of lights and music. It transports us through Amma Bi’s journey from loneliness to self-discovery.

Written & Directed by Pankaj Kapur
Performed (rendered) by Pankaj Kapur
Produced by Supriya Pathak Kapur

Rs.750, 600, 375 & 225/- (Members)
Rs.1,000, 800, 500 & 300/- (Public)
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Venue: Tata Theatre
Price: Member: ₹750, 600, 375 & 225
Non-Member: ₹1,000, 800, 500 & 300
Saturday 03 Jun
7:00 pm
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