Michelangelo – Love and Death

22 Jun - 23 Jun 2017
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An NCPA-Seventh Art Productions (UK) Presentation

A virtuoso craftsman, Michelangelo’s artistry is evident in everything he touched. Beautiful and diverse works such as the towering statue of David, the deeply moving Pietà in St. Peter and his tour-de-force, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, still leave us breathless. Spanning his 89 years, Michelangelo – Love and Death takes a cinematic journey from the print and drawing rooms of Europe, through the great chapels and museums of Italy to explore his tempestuous life. We go in search of a greater understanding of this most charismatic figure, his relationship with his contemporaries and his valuable artistic legacy.

Tickets: Rs.500/-
Box Office: 26th May for Members & 29th May for Public

Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre
Price: Member: Rs.500
Non-Member: Rs.500
Thursday 22 Jun
6:30 pm
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Friday 23 Jun
6:30 pm
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