NCPA Centrestage 2017 - Less Than Zero

25 Nov 2017
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Less Than Zero

Comedy in English/ gibberish


Zero is a man of indeterminate age and appearance. He wears a hat to keep the sky from falling on his head. As we meet him, he’s trying to kill himself. But he’s not very good at it. He’s got a bag of tricks to help him, but none of them seem to work. This is largely because two angels descend from heaven and find ways to discourage him from doing the deed. This they manage with some aplomb and flights of fancy, until Zero gains enough confidence to finally remove his hat.

This is a dark satire on the state of being alive, told in English and gibberish.

Written & Directed by Kaizad Gustad

Cast: Denzil Smith, Ramona Arena & Nandita Dubey

Stage Smith Productions

Box Office for the Festival: 26th October for Members & 29th October for Public

Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre
Price: Member: Rs.450/- (Plus GST)
Non-Member: Rs.500/- (Plus GST)
Saturday 25 Nov
5:00 pm
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