Saat Samandar Sahu Ni Andar

02 Apr 2017
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Poised during the era of post World War II, and in the backdrop of Indian Royalty, the play opens as an accidental meeting of two travellers, Parasnath and Bhagyendra on a ship enrout to London from Mumbai. Both of them decide to share stories to bring some life to an otherwise boring journey. Parasnath, a doctor by profession, and a quirky man, talks about his encounter with a young, soon to be married princess coming to him for an abortion. She has been deserted by her lover and her fiancé is suspicious about her relationship with a stranger. Parasnath expects her to be modest and pleading, but she is surprising non-apologetic and wants to go on with the life. Parasnath, who has always lived a bohemian life, sees a possibility of a romantic favour in return. But, the princess refuses to oblige. The story takes a vicious turn there on

Written by : Raeesh Maniar
Based on a novella by Stefan Zweig
Directed by : Devang Jagirdar

Venue: Experimental Theatre
Price: Member: ₹270, 225 & 180/-
Non-Member: ₹300, 250 & 200/-
Sunday 02 Apr
7:00 pm
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