The Circus & Rupa the Elephant

21 May 2017
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Experimental Theatre
Sunday, 21st – 6.30 pm

Two classic stories will be presented in one play. Music loads of laughs, giggles and gags!

The Circus
Non-verbal (25 mins)

A 10 year old girl wants to see the circus. Mamma says, we will see the circus when it comes to town. But the girl wants it now. Finally she herself creates her own circus using different available things around. Children enjoy watching it because there's a lot of fun in it. And mothers also appreciate her creativity at the end.

Rupa the Elephant
Shadow puppets (50 mins)

Rupa is a favourite elephant of the children in the park. They take rides everyday on her. One fine morning Rupa feels that she is a big grey tub. She becomes unhappy. Her friend Chinchi the sparrow helps her. She borrows stripes, dots, green colour, blue colour from tiger, leopard, parrot, peacock n decorate Rupa’s body. Next day when children come to the park they cannot recognise Rupa. Rupa feels sad. Chinchi tells her to take a bath in the lake. Rupa does that, children like the original Rupa. They are ready to take a ride.

Suggested age: 3+

Writer, Director& Puppets by Meena Naik
Cast: TBC

A Kalsootri Production

Venue: Experimental Theatre
Price: Member: ₹ 315, 270 & 225
Non-Member: ₹ 350, 300 & 250
Sunday 21 May
6:30 pm
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