NCPA Centrestage

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Started in 2010, the Centrestage Festival is a theatre event on a grand scale as befits a premier cultural institution like the NCPA. 

The 10-day event is one of its kind in the city that showcases premiering plays in four languages.  Accompanying the main programme are anciliary events like workshops, outdoor performances and films.  The first edition of the Festival had 12 plays and the second edition has 15, including two international productions.  In year three, there were 16 plays, including two international productions. This Festival is now the focal point of theatre activity in Mumbai, when new and established groups write and design plays for Centrestage.  Several of the plays that premiered at this Festival went on to win awards, get invited to other prestigious festivals and launched successful careers. Plays like Akvarious’s The Interview and Baghdad Wedding, Aarambh’s Aaj Rang Hai and Preth, Aasakta’s Tichi 17 Prakarne, Samanvay’s Punashcha Honeymoon, Orchid Room Experiment’s Bombay Talkies, Dharmendra Gohil Productions’ Meera and Black Out, Awishkar’s Bayaa Daar Ughad and have been winning rave reviews and awards.