NCPA Pratibimb Marathi Natya Utsav

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Regional language theatre: Entertaining and enriching mix of theatre for Marathi theatre aficionados

In 2010, the NCPA welcomed Marathi theatre back into its fold and the homecoming was with a bang-- the Pratibimb Marathi Natya Utsav-- that reflects the best of contemporary Marathi theatre. The Marathi-speaking audience not just has a rich tradition, but also a vibrant experimental and inter-collegiate culture.

Pratibimb, meaning reflection, holds up a mirror to the best of Marathi theatre. With this festival the NCPA hopes to inspire Marathi theatre professionals to come up with quality productions and stage them at the NCPA. No Marathi theatre gathering can be complete without the Katta, and this lively session of debate and discussion is a part of Pratibimb. There is always a mix of experimental work, literary pieces and commercial hits to give audiences a change to get a glimpse of the best Marathi plays of the year.