NCPA Summer Fiesta

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A month devoted to children--workshops, plays, films to make holidays fun and enriching.


In 2010, the NCPA decided to initiate Summer Fiesta as a means to reach out to children and offer them an exciting way to spend their vacations.
Over ten days, kids were regaled with a selection of films and plays and their creativity was encouraged with workshops in writing and drama. The workshops on enhancing imagination, acting, expression and improvisation were enjoyed by kids, who learnt various skills in an informal, non-competitive environment.

From 2011, NCPA Summer Fiesta became a month-long festival, with a wider range of workshops from dance, drama, movement, and puppetry, to circus arts and theatre games for children between the ages of 8-16. Some of the finest theatre groups in Mumbai presented plays for children.

In 2012 the NCPA Summer Fiesta focussed on diversity over and above quantity, both within and between workshops. The dance workshops had a range of forms including Jazz, Bharatanatyam and Kathak through which various children’s activities such as retelling the Panchatantra were explored. The theatre workshops included but were not restricted to theatre games, activities, acting, improv, and comedy. Apart from these there are a few creative writing workshops and a handful of workshops across the spectrum of music, movement, and puppetry. To ensure that evenings could be a time for the family, the NCPA picked eight children’s plays that were enjoyed by children and families.

In the summer of 2013, Summer Fiesta brought even more variety into the workshops, adding photography, animation, object theatre, sci-fi writing, ballet to the already exciting mix of acting, writing, puppetry and dance workshops. In 2014, Summer Fiesta grew even bigger to include 30 workshops across genres and 12 plays.

In 2015, Summer Fiesta grows from one month to six weeks, with 24 workshops and 17 plays. In 2016, there were 28 workshops and 21 plays.There is something in it for every child.